Thursday, September 20, 2012

Odyssey Bellwork 9-19-12

Eighteen years, its been eighteen long years since I have seen my husband Odysseus. Telemachus was just an infant when he left; by now he is a respectable young man. Everyone keeps telling me that Odysseus is dead, but I refuse to believe that. One day, maybe even some day soon, my dear husband will come back and bring our kingdom back to order.

I have to admit, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stall for Odysseus. We constanly have suitors in our palace, trying to gain my hand in marriage, and the power of the kingdom. I keep trying to convince everyone that Odysseus is alive and that he will return one day, but no seems to take me seriously. Despite my protests, hundreds of men stay in our palace, eating our food  and cleaning us dry. It saddens me to see how this effects Telemachus, but I simply cannot choose a new husband while I know in my heart that my current husband is still alive. I know that I could force them all to leave, but I fear that I may start great unrest in the kingdom by doing that.

Instead, I devised a clever plan that would give Odysseus time to come home. I promised to choose a new king as sooon as I finished weaving a burial shroud for my father in law. Day after day, I would sit down and work on the burial shroud. Howver, I did not want to choose someone, and I needed to stall for Odysseus' return. So at night, I would carefully unravel the threads that I had weaved the night before. My plan worked well for several years, that is, untill the suitors figured out what I was doing. I expected them to be furious and rebel against the kingdom; but to my surprise, they did not. Instead, they all sit around and talk with Telemachus, day in and day out. To be honest, this scares me more than if they were to revolt. I cannot even imagine what they could be planning.

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