Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Kingdom Apart

Once there was a land by the name of A Kingdom Apart. This kingdom was full of sparkling lakes, rolling hills, and joyful people. The Queen of this land, Helen, was a beautiful and extremely kind ruler. She loved all of her subjects and cared for every single one of them. There also lived a young duchess, Whitney, who was a distant cousin of Queen Helen. Some other members of the royal court included Sabrina the Sweet, Janet the Joyous, and Hannah the Helpful. Whitney, Sabrina, Janet, and Hannah all had their own section of the kingdom to look after, and they each cared for it attentively.
However, there was a part of the kingdom that was not so beautiful and pleasant. This region was ruled by the mysterious sister witches, Debra and Donna. These sisters were very mischievous and loved to start trouble in the kingdom.
One day, Queen Helen realized that her kingdom was in great debt. She knew that she needed to fix it, but she had no idea how. She tried for many months to pull her lovely kingdom out of debt, but to no avail. Her subjects, and even her royal court, were starting to become impatient and angry with her. There were even rumors that the duchess was going to try to steal the crown. Queen Helen realized that she had only one place to turn, Debra and Donna. She knew that getting help from them would be risky, but she was desperate to get her kingdom back to the way it was when it was prosperous and the people were happy.
So Helen set out on the journey to find the witches. When she arrived, the sisters were eager to help her, realizing that this was their chance to be a part of the ruin of A Kingdom Apart. After days of mixing and chanting, Debra and Donna sent Queen Helen back to her kingdom and told her to go to sleep. When she woke up, she would have the intelligence and the power to know exactly what to do to save her kingdom from debt.
When the Queen awoke, she felt like a new person. She felt more powerful and in control than ever before, so she decided to call a meeting with her royal court. Come to find out, Duchess Whitney had taken over control while she was gone. The queen was absolutely outraged, she was furious that her own cousin would betray her like that. In reality, Duchess Whitney was only trying to help the Queen keep the kingdom in order while she was away; but Helen could not see this, because she was corrupted with power by the witches. In retaliation, Queen Helen banned Whitney from the kingdom, forcing her to leave the land immediately. However, all of Whitney’s subjects, along with Janet and her subjects, as well as Hannah and her subjects, remained loyal to Duchess Whitney. After so many of her subjects left, Queen Helen became even more furious. Corrupted with both power and anger, Helen allowed Debra and Donna into her kingdom to help advise her in her rule. This was the biggest mistake that she could have made, because the mischievous witches led the Queen and her remaining subject directly into the lions den. A Kingdom Apart fell into such great debt that Queen Helen and her subjects were forced to leave.
Although it saddened the duchess to see her once beloved cousin so corrupted, she was happy that she and her new Kingdom, Duchess Kingdom of Vienna (named so to represent the respect for her royal court, Janet and Hannah, that Queen Helen had been lacking), could move back into the old land. However, when they got there, the land had been destroyed by Helen and her witch advisors. They had broken all the windows, slashed the floors, and set fire to all of the crops. The ruins of the old kingdom were the saddest sight that you could ever see. Whitney, the new Queen, was so disheartened by the sight that she had a day remembrance for the old Queen, whom she regarded as passed away. After months of restoring the land, the subjects of Duchess Kingdom of Vienna were allowed back to live happily ever after in the new, prosperous kingdom, ruled by the generous and loving Queen Whiney.

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